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We want to impact maximum number of lives by providing them with a wider access to financial services, through use of technology and by putting in trust in our customers. We aspire to serve 10 million customers by 2021 and 250 million customers by 2024.
A Personal Loan from Radiance Investments can help you meet your diverse financial needs – be it easy finance for a holiday, quick funds to take care of last-minute wedding expenses, medical emergency or just cash to buy a gadget. It’s instant, seamless and paperless and you can avail a loan up to Rs. 5 lakhs. What’s more? Get competitive interest rates, flexible loan tenures and easy loan repayment options. So go ahead, check your eligibility & apply for a Personal Loan in just a few taps.

Personal Loan

A loan against property from Radiance Investments enables you to do it all. Radiance Investments offers customized property loans to salaried and self-employed individuals. Financing your child’s education, managing your wedding expenses, expanding your business, or even handling unforeseen medical expenses. Radiance Investments offers loan against property, a secured loan to meet different financial needs. ranging from weddings, planned or unplanned medical needs, or your child’s education.

Loan Against Property

Get a Radiance Investments Loan Against Car to finance your personal needs such as higher education, home improvement, working capital and urgent expenses. You can avail of up to 85% of the value of your car. Also, you can repay the loan over a long tenor of up to 60 months. With instant approval and minimal documentation, manage your expenses conveniently.

Car Loan

A mutual fund is an investment scheme that holds assets such as stocks/bonds or a combination of two. The portfolio of securities held under the fund comes with a variety to suit the needs of diverse investors. For example, risk-averse investors can opt for a mutual fund account with fixed-interest bonds as they are safer and pay a regular income. Additionally, those with a medium risk appetite can go for a mixture of equities and bonds. If the stock market crashes, your loss can be somewhat offset with the fixed interests of the bonds. Risks and profits are shared amongst investors.

Mutual Funds

Meet Our CEO

This kind of organization is always led by a dynamic leader and in the case of Radiance Finance, it is Omkar Panse. A young entrepreneur, Omkar is the pioneer of Radiance Investments. He has a Master’s Degree in Finance and has an impressive 7 plus years of corporate industry experience. Currently, he leads the business successfully for over three years. Having so many investment options makes it normal for an investor to become dazzled. Beginners to investing are often confused as to where they should invest. A wrong investment choice can make you lose money, and no one wants that. That’s why Omkar helps his clients by providing his expertise and extensive experience on this topic. Omkar sharing his views on investments said, “In vestment goals can either be short or long-term. As a short-term goal, you ought to choose a safer investment, while long-term focus should be on equities’ potential for returns. Also, goals can be subtly and firmly negotiated. A guaranteed-return investment would be the best option for non-negotiable goals like children’s education or a down payment on a house. The investment in equities will be beneficial if the goal is a slack one, or if it can be pushed back a few months. To help our clients make such wise decisions, we always strive to provide our services in this way. Furthermore, we want to contribute to in creasing financial literacy.” For more information contact: Matai Chambers, 402, Erandwane, Pune, Maharashtra 411004 Ph: 020 2545 7370

Making money isn’t  enough anymore.  Making investments is equally important. It takes hard work and dedication to earn money. However, that may be insufficient to fulfill your dreams or lead a comfortable lifestyle. If you want to accomplish that, you will also have to make your money work for you. It is for this reason that one must take a prudent and learned investment decision. Having idle money in your bank account is like missing out on an opportunity. To earn the best returns on your investment, you should invest that money intelligently. However, one needs a strong financial adviser for this. Pune-based Radiance Investments is one of the leading names in the field. It provides a comprehensive range of valuable solutions to meet the needs of every client in the finance domain. Radiance Investments is a one stop shop for all sorts of financial needs whether it is loans, insurance, mutual funds, or any other investments.

A hassle free Loan

A loan is an important element of any financial plan . The market offers many different types of loan so obtaining the best loan at the best rate is essential for both businesses and individuals alike. It’s important to analyse different factors such as, what you need. the amount, your credit score or qualification for a loan, and many more to make a flawless loan proposal or loan application for you. To fulfill this task Radiance Investments offers multidimensional assistance to its clients. The company deals predominantly with home loans, Property loans (both residential and comm mercial), commercial loan, personal loans, Loans based on Gunthewari properties, Grampanchayat properties, and more furthermore, Radiance has the tie-ups with numerous banks and NBFCs, which allows all phases of the loan application process up until the actual disbursement to be executed seamlessly by Radiance .

Omkar Panse

Leader, Radiance investments

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